Deana Morris is a qualified Director of Special Education Programs.

Deana has four years of team-teaching experience at the middle and high school levels. She has team taught in Geometry and Algebra I classes at the high school level. Ä Currently she team-teaches in Language Arts and Math classes for middle school students. Ms. Morris provides direct instruction in the regular classroom and testing accommodations appropriate to their individualized needs.

Concerning state testing accommodations, Ms. Morris has requested ACT and MME/MEAP accommodations from the state and served as a test proctor using Reader’s Scripts and approved audio tapes.

She supervises paraprofessionals who are assigned to provide direct support to special education students. Ms. Morris believes that the inclusion model is the “best practice” approach for special students and is currently documenting their progress by monitoring their growth with tri-annual assessments. The data collected is shared with the regular education team to monitor individual student’s growth and anticipated needs.

After completing a second Master’s Degree in Educational Administration

(2010), Deana plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Educational Assessment to obtain a school psychologist’s license. She is interested in implementing a structured RTI program.