Deana Morris is an Educational Consultant for a children’s ward at a hospital in the Detroit area. She teaches patients between the ages of 4-17, to continue their educational services in the hospital while they are receiving medical care. Ms. Morris conducts structured classroom time with the patients as well as individual tutoring or small-group learning activities. She incorporates arts, crafts, and enriching activities into their learning time to motivate and increase student participation.

Working as a School Liaison, Ms. Morris requests assignments from the patient’s school of record and communicates with school staff on educational strategies or accommodations to be added to a student’s educational program, which may include initiating an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). She also assists schools and families with transitioning their son/daughter back into the school setting after discharge.

Ms. Morris also conducts achievement testing on patients when a referral is made by their parents or by hospital staff. The assessment information is documented on an Educational Assessment Form and placed in the patient’s medical chart. Testing information is shared with the family at their team meeting.

Another responsibility of her role is to attend team meetings every day, where physicians, medical residents, nurses, social workers, occupational and recreational therapists discuss a patient’s progress with their family members and representatives from supporting agencies. She signs each patient’s medical chart, documenting educational services, strategies, or specific accommodations needed. The time that is devoted to learning activities is documented for each patient on computerized healthcare software called CarePlus Next Generation.

Ms. Morris enjoys this role and continues to develop herself professionally by furthering her knowledge in this field. She is currently taking courses to obtain teacher certification in POHI-teaching students who are Physically or Other Health Impaired.


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